Is Vitamin Water Good For You: Facts and Myths

There has been a lot of controversy recently with full-blown campaigns and debates about is vitamin water good for you, after Coca Cola’s Vitamin water started flooding the market and took the athletics world by storm.Vitamin water is the magical product that reportedly, if we are to go by its campaign ads, performs the same functions as immunization shots. This is a health drink that is preferred by most athletes and diet conscious people as a better alternative to soda. What has catapulted vitamin water to its immense popularity is the myriad range of colours and flavours that endears them to people and smart advertising that has oversold the product for almost a decade now.

Vitamin water gained thousands of customers since 2002 and the matter of the fact is that Glaceau, the parent company and a subsidiary Coca Cola, has been able to expand its divisions to France, United Kingdom and even Australia, despite controversies about the product’s health quotient of effectiveness. However, is vitamin water good for you? According to Glaceau, vitamin water is neither soda, nor a bland health drink, but a tasty combination of vitamins, minerals and syrup that makes it a revitalizing elixir for health conscious people. The basic ingredients are filtered water, sweetener derived from corn syrup, heaps of natural electrolytes, citric acid and vitamins B12, B3, B5, B6, B12, C and E. The high content of fructose might be potentially harmful for the body since it contains elements, which can increase the body’s susceptibility to hepatotoxicity, or severe chemically induced liver damage. Furthermore, a content of citric acid means that it could lead to tooth enamel decay, if consumed in large quantities.

The next biggest problem in answering the question to “is vitamin water good for you” would be the high sugar content. Some sources claim that the sugar content in vitamin water is as high as that found in most chocolates. There are 8 teaspoons of sugar in every 20 ounce bottle of vitamin water, which boils down to about 33 grams of sugar per bottle of the so called “health drink’! The same sized bottle of Coca Cola as about two times the sugar content of this hallowed health drink. A fact that should make most health experts and consumers of this hyped product question their choice. Recent advertisement campaigns for this product might have proved to be more misleading than informative and could lead to dire health consequences, if people actually start taking notice of the basic ingredients of vitamin water.

Is vitamin water good for you is a question, which when seen in its entirety will also have some environmental repercussions. Studies have concluded that vitamin water consists of some synthetic nutrients, which when released in excess or at a rate that is faster than the self-cleaning capacity of nature, might prove to be harmful for the ecological balance of the environment. Recently, a non-profit institution, after studying the adverse effects of vitamin water as a health drink took the beverage company to court. To the surprise of thousands of customers, Coca Cola raised questions about the intelligence of its consumers who had believed the product to be an actual health drink replacement. This is after it spent money on hundreds of advertisements to convince consumers exactly what it had refuted in court.

So despite what local channels and attractive billboards have to say about vitamin water as an “enhanced health drink”, consumers can weigh the ounces of sugar, citric acid, fructose and other nutrients that make up this drink and for decide is vitamin water good you. is not the owner nor is affiliated to an actual main company and/or company website. simply provides tips, news, and information about Vitamin Water and some and/or sometimes few of its products and programs. Copyright © 2013 Shakuri Inc DBA - All Right Reserved